Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tribute to Mom

Today is the 2nd anniversary of my mom passing away. Two years. At times, it seems like it was just yesterday. At times, it seems like a lifetime since I have talked to her. At times, I seem to miss her so much and it doesn't feel like it will ever get better. Then at times, I might not think about her for a day or so.

Then it comes crashing down on me that she is gone.

So much has happened in these two years. One granddaughter got married, another one engaged. One grandson also engaged, while another went off to college. One granddaughter started high school and one finishing up middle school. One grandson and granddaughter doing great in the business world. And the babies. Mom would have loved seeing the babies that have blessed our lives. First great-granddaughter, Amie Lynn, age two and a half, that Mom was happy to meet and hold and love. A wonderful couple of days that meant so much to her and my dad and all of us. Then Audrey Sue, age eight months, named after Mom, who will grow up knowing all about her namesake. Next is Caden Matthew, age six months, the first great-grandson, who is trying very hard to crawl. And last is Chase Ryan, age twelve days old, who is still in the hospital and getting stronger every day.

All these things that have happened reminds me that life does indeed go on. Mom wouldn't want us to just stop living. She would want us to still laugh and love and be happy. But it's not easy. Something happens and the first thing I want to do is call mom. It doesn't happen as often as it used to, but it does happen. And then I think that it's just not fair that she isn't here to see all these things for herself. It is just not right.

But today, I want don't want to dwell on the unfairness.

I want to remember....

her courage and strength

her love for my dad

her love for her grandchildren--Christopher, Jennifer, Nicole, Melissa, Matthew, Joshua, Megan and Veronica

how she could only stick her tongue out so that only the tip was showing

the yummy cakes she made over the, birthday, anything. You name it, she could make it

bingo every Thursday night

how she couldn't sing very well but did it anyway

meeting someone and finding out their whole life story and then telling hers...all in five minutes

how she dressed up very nice just to fly

her joy at watching the Atlanta Braves and the New Orleans Saints

how we always teased her about her spaghetti and that "Texas Sucks"

all the quilts, baby blankets and booties she made

that she always called me on my birthday at the exact time I was born

how she called each of her daughters her "favorite"

how she sneezed at least twice...little bitty sneezes

how in the middle of summer, she'd get a chill and say "is it cold in here or is it just me?"

the fun she had playing card games, yahtzee or computer games

how she loved the color purple

Obviously there are too many things to list. It goes on and on. She was a loving wife, a wonderful mother and an awesome Nana. We all love and miss her. And even though she was taken from us way too soon, I'll be forever grateful that she was my mom. And I hope as she looks down on us, that she knows how much she is missed and how much she was loved by all.


  1. She sounds like she was an amazing woman:). I wish I could have met her:).

  2. I remember her as a counselor, psychologist and friend. When you or I were foolish enough to split us up, I would take her to lunch and she'd give me hope. She knew we'd be together! It wouldn't be a stretch to say she single handedly kept me hoping and dreaming, and then ultimately opened that door to get us back together! I miss her too.