Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Got Age Spots??

Today I took my almost 15 year old daughter to the DMV to get a copy of the driving handbook. Yes, my baby wants to learn to drive. A CAR!! How in the world did this happen? She's supposed to be playing with dolls and her Easy Bake oven, and Candy Land. She is not supposed to drive a car....she is only 2!! Well, at least in my mind she is only 2. It's amazing how fast children grow up. She's been talking about this day for years (she is also counting down until she goes off to college too).

When did I become so old? And that includes Stan too!

I can remember so well each of my children just as that....children. As babies, learning to crawl and walk. Going off to kindergarten. Reading. Writing. Getting braces. High school. Dating. Driving. Having lots of attitude and personality.

Where has the time gone?

Who gave them permission to grow up?

Each of my children has given me reasons to feel old. Almost two years ago, Melissa did it by giving us a son-in-law. And then a year later by giving us a granddaughter. Matt was born two days after my 25th birthday so every time he aged a year, I felt it too. Of course, he has now given us a grandson. So now it's GRANDCHILDREN. Plural. Meaning more than one. Meaning I'm old enough for plural grandchildren. And today, Megan did it by wanting to prepare for her drivers permit test. She wants to DRIVE?? Holy Crap!

I know growing old is part of life. I now have to wear reading glasses because my arms aren't long enough to hold a book or a menu far enough away for me to see it. Stan has the receding hairline and soon-to-be bald spot (yes, Sweetie, you do). We get up in the morning and listen for the groans and moans as we move around. And you know what? I wouldn't change a thing.

I love watching Audrey grow. Watching her as she bypasses crawling to go straight to standing and soon to walking. Listening to her belly laughs. Playing with her doggy. Giving kisses to her mom and dad. And who loves it when I sing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" song to her. I love watching Chase, who started his life so small and spending his first two weeks of life in the hospital, growing stronger every day. Rejoicing over how much he eats at every feeding. Laughing at his expressions and how he loves to stick out his tongue.

So I'll take it. All of it. Let my kids keep making me feel old. I'll keep wearing the glasses and Stan will keep losing his hair (yes, Sweetie, you will). We'll get canes and hearing aids and senior discounts at restaurants. And we'll smile through it all. Life is definitely good.


  1. Are you sure it was Meg that played with Candy Land and easy bake oven? They must have had cooler toys for her by then....

  2. Geez you're getting old! And why didn't you tell me you took her to the DMV?????

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! I couldn't hav said it better.....