Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cute or just plain torture??

My daughter sent a picture of our granddaughter enjoying her first visit with the Easter Bunny. It was a great picture....Audrey is smiling, the Bunny is smiling! I keep wondering when the picture will come when Audrey is just screaming "take me away...there is a furry creature about to gobble me up"!!!

All my kids handled being on the lap of Santa or the Easter Bunny very differently.

Melissa: Would sit there for hours if we let her....but NO SMILE. None.

Matt: All smiles. Didn't care, never worried, no bothers!!

Megan: Screamed! Kicked! Terrified!

It's funny looking back on those pictures.

Well, at least for me it is. Thank goodness they don't remember.

Or do they???


  1. I only remember the time when all the grandkids piled onto Santa's lap. And Santa was more terrified that time...

  2. Oh i remember!!! Ok I don't but obviously i don't want to remember!