Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ode to My Husband

A couple of weeks ago my husband wrote about being impulsive. How he acts or buys on impulse. And this is so very true. He sees something and the next thing you know, he has one. Or he's unhappy with something, he instantly does something to try to change that. I have to say that for the most part, these decisions work out for the best. It may make me a wee bit nervous (like job changes or no paycheck for a few months...little things like that), but everything turns out good. For my part in his impulsiveness, I go along with him. Lets face it....when he's impulsive....I make out like a bandit!!!

So I've been thinking back over our history together. Thinking of ways that he has given in to this impulsive side...and how I went along with him. Here's what I've come up with, in no particular order:

--His Spitfire convertible. It was a 2-seater, small, and not good in snow....he lived in Colorado at the time.

--The blue house with ugly brown toilets. We were moving to Alabama. He went looking for a house for us to rent. He had 3 days to look. He settled on this horrible little house after looking for only a couple of hours on the first day. He called me to say that he found a house that he thought I would like, but that if I didn't like it we would only be living in it for a year. I didn't like it. And he's still hearing about it fifteen years later.

--Trees on our hillside. After building our house and landscaping the yard, a man was driving down our street selling trees from the back of his truck. Stan immediately decided that we needed those trees in the overgrown weed-infested hillside behind our home. He bought four trees. From a man in a truck. All four trees: dead.

--The 300 ZX. We were living in Ohio. He was in D.C. on a 3-month TDY. I was in town visiting him. I was pregnant with our first child. He came home to the hotel we were staying at with a 300 ZX. Yep, he was driving by the car lot...saw the car...gave them a down payment...drove it off the lot. Problem? It was a two-seater. Other problem? Hello? I'm pregnant! Where is the baby going to sit?? His response? NO PROBLEM....there's a luggage rack in the back!!! My response? We got his deposit back.

--The big-screen TV. We stopped by an auto parts store for a lightbulb for the headlight for his car. They were telling us that none of the bulbs they used were working, therefore we must have a short in the electrical system. They ran test after test. We got tired of sitting there. Walked down to his favorite electronics store. As we were browsing, Stan ended up in the home theater section. Within minutes of the salesman seeing him coming, we had a new 60 inch flat screen TV to be delivered to our house. Walked back to the auto parts store. They still hadn't figured out what was wrong with the car. Told them we would take the car to the dealer. Paid for the lightbulb. Turned out the auto store was using the wrong bulb. The dealer replaced the bulb with the correct one. Headlights work. Yep, we call the TV our $4,000 lightbulb!!

--Rav 4. He decided he needed a new car. Test drove this one car. Bought it. Hated it. Traded it. Car lasted only a few months with us.

--My wedding band set. Lets face it. He wanted to buy me a much bigger diamond set. I am NOT going to say no! Not happening!!!

--Theater seats. After moving Megan into her new room and moving the guest room furniture around, I was setting myself up in the loft. I just needed a new desk and chair. We went to the furniture store. Looked at desks. Found one I liked. On our way to the order the desk, Stan went to the theater section. We bought my desk and chair....along with seven theater chairs!! Why seven?? I have no earthly idea.

--Our lot. We were just out walking. Walked by an area that was just starting to be built up. Within hours, we were with a realtor, deciding on which lot to buy. Of course, we are still on the lot, living in my dream house!! Can't complain too much about that.

I'm sure there are lots of other stories and examples. I'm sure I have my own issues with this dreaded disease. But I am sure that I have told him "no" many times. And just as many times, he has not heard me!!