Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Well, there goes all MY fun!

Over the last couple of months, there's been a dip in the road in front of our house that has gradually gotten pretty big and deep. It's off-centered so cars going in one direction usually miss it. But cars going in the other direction usually hit it. The hole had gotten so deep that anyone going too fast (and with the speed limit 20 on our street, that's mostly everyone), bounced up in the air after hitting it. It was like a speed bump but only reversed!! It became a spectator sport for us to sit on our porch and see who was going to hit it next. It was quite amusing. Once, a lawn care truck with all his equipment hitched to it came flying by. The hitch went airborne and hit back down with a heavy bang. Like I said, very funny!!

Well, it's over. Look at what they (meaning whoever goes around filling in potholes) did to my fun???

That's right....a filled in hole puts an end to all my fun! Now I'm gonna have to find something or someone else to make fun of.

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Few Weeks in Pictures

The last few weeks have been hectic. We've had family come in for a visit. Melissa, Mark and Audrey visited with us the end of May. And they brought with them news of a new little one, due in January. Then we've been traveling to see family. My three sisters and I decided to surprise my dad for July 4th. So we spread the word. My dad has four daughters, four sons-in-law, eight grandchildren, two grandchildren-in-law, and four great-grandchildren. And for a few weeks, EVERYONE was going to be there. It was exciting planning it. Of course, there was alot of "lying" to my dad (sorry,Dad). As the time grew closer though, we had a few things pop up that prevented some of us from attending. It was sad. So I just wanted to say to my Matt, Amber, Chase, Niki, her Matt, Caden, Tony and Mike that we wish you could have been there and that you all were missed so much!! My dad had a blast with two of his great-grandchildren. Audrey and Amie had fun playing and getting into trouble. It would have been wonderful getting all four of the babies together. Oh well, maybe next time.

We did manage to surprise my dad. And after he got over the shock of all of us invading his home, I think he was thrilled to have us all there. It was so worth all the planning, emailing and driving (and boy, did I do alot of driving these last six weeks) just to see my dad surrounded by his family. And, Dad, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did. We love you!!

And to my wonderful mom and dad-in-law, thanks for the visits. It's always so sweet to see you with your grandchildren and great-grandchild. We love you!
And now for the pictures. Enjoy.