Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Tooth Fairy 1990

Our oldest daughter lost her first baby tooth at age five. It's one of those moments that just melts your heart. You look at this child of yours and think that she was just a baby yesterday. And now she is losing teeth?? Incredible!!

As with most first-time parents, we looked forward to the time when we'd get to play with her mind!! Like... yes, sweetie, there is a Santa, or Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy. And if you keep your room clean, they will come!! Such fun. Everyone should try it.

She lost her tooth on a Saturday afternoon. It was actually the week after she started kindergarten. First leaving me to learn and now losing teeth??? No way!

We wrapped the tooth in a tissue so that it wouldn't get lost (and easy for me...I mean... the tooth fairy to find), put it under her pillow and off to la la land she went. My husband and I had the dollar out that we would put under her pillow. It really was exciting for us. I couldn't wait to sneak in her room, take the tooth and put the dollar in its place. with most well thought out plans, ours had a slight problem that we hadn't counted on. You see....we're morons. Yep...too dumb to procreate. We watched TV, like always, and then went off to bed. And never, ever, thought about that dollar laying on the coffee table, waiting to be put under our little girls pillow. So we went to sleep...and slept very well.

The next morning at about 7:00 am, I was awaken by Melissa. She had tears in her eyes as she held out her hand to me, which was holding the tissue wrapped tooth, and in the saddest whisper I had ever heard, said..."She didn't come". It really was such a sad moment. She was devastated. I held out my arms for her and gave her a big hug. I told her that Saturdays was just THE busiest night for the Tooth Fairy and that she just didn't have enough time to get to everyone! But that if she doesn't get to you the first night, she WILL come the second night. She NEVER misses two nights in a row and that you always get extra stuff if you have to wait for the second night. After our daughter left the room, I immediately turned on my husband and said..."look at what YOU did". Life is all about assessing blame, right, Stan??

I went shopping that day for anything that would make that little girl smile again. That night, we put the tooth back under her pillow. And nothing, but nothing, was going to make me (us) forget again. By morning, she had candy, a toy and extra money under her pillow. And we were awaken by a very happy little girl who couldn't wait to show us her loot.

Even morons can make things right again!!