Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Memories Galore

So...where to start...quite the dilemma to someone who doesn't usually write. But, with a husband and 2 daughters who are now bloggers, I couldn't let them just show me up. So here I am and here it goes.

I didn't just want to write about funny, silly or bad stuff that has happened in my life. Although that will be part of it. I wanted to have some type of record of my life, of how I felt, how I coped, how I loved. For my have all been my greatest joy. For my family and and laughter throughout the years. For my grandchildren (one 7mos old and one due in 5 weeks and yet I will want more!)...such wonderful blessings that makes my heart overflow. For my husband...who for 26 plus years has been my best friend, who said I could do anything, who has always been my rock. I love you all!

So, this was and is my life. A life I wouldn't change for anything in the world.

A life filled with memories galore!

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