Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lite Brite Pegs and Noses Don't Mix

Memories can be triggered by a picture, a song on the radio or running into an old friend. But for me, this memory was triggered by a couple of 2 year olds, a couple of small objects and two little noses! Yes, those small objects were shoved into those 2 years olds little noses! Last night I get a text from my sister. Her daughter-in-law was on her way to the ER with her granddaughter because she put a bead up her nose. Now I know that it can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially for a first-time parent. But all I could do was laugh! And now that my sisters granddaughter is fine and the bead is all gone-gone, I can really laugh!

My son did the exact same thing to me. Of course this was about 19 years ago. This little 2 year old boy came up to me one day while I was cleaning the kitchen and said "Nose!" He was so excited about it, pointing at his nose, that I just smiled at him and said "yes, that's your nose!" And then he said "Up nose". And that's when I stopped smiling and asked him "what is up your nose?". Well, he had gotten into our daughters Light Brite pegs. Remember those? Those little itty bitty pieces of colored plastic? Yep....up his nose! At least he told me. What a good little boy!

So, I had him blow his nose. At first nothing was coming out. I had been on the phone with the hospital and that's what they wanted me to try. If something came out, we were in the good. But, nothing was coming out. I kept having him try to blow harder and harder. Finally, good news. A purple peg came out.....but's a half of one. So, was it broke when he put it up there or did it break off and some of it is still in there?

So we spent the next couple of hours at the hospital. The ENT wanted to strap him into a papoose because he wanted to go digging up his nostril and didn't want him to be able to move. Well, my son was a trooper. He would sit still for anything....and I mean anything! The doctor didn't believe me. He still wanted to strap him down. He finally listened to me and just told him to lay still on the bed and that if he was good, he would get a cookie. He just laid there and let the doctor dig for gold. Never moved a muscle. The specialist kept looking at me, like is this kid for real?

The doctor poked around in there for about 20 minutes, never found anything else. He told me that if a foreign object was still in there, that within a couple of days I would notice a smell. So the next couple of days, we kept smelling his nose. What fun!!

Good news: no smell (at least from his nose). And he never put anything else in his nose, at least he never told me that he did it again.

And he did so enjoy his cookie!!

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  1. Thanks for posting this:). Every time I see Lite Brite pegs I think of this story and laugh:).