Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring is Here

We noticed last week that our grass was starting to grow. But mostly around the edges, thanks to Gizmo, the oldest dog in the whole world. She only pees and poos around the edges, so it gets really thick there. Stan didn't get a chance to mow last weekend while he was home (shocker) so I told him that I would try to get to it this week. Why, oh why, did I say that??? Remember, I'm a good wife.

All week the weather has been beautiful. Blue skies with temperatures in the seventies. It's been great. And every day, I think of a reason not to mow or sometimes not even thinking of mowing at all. And now it's Friday. Stan comes home tonight. So the question on my mind all morning has been "to mow or not to mow?" Hmmmm...what to do. It really does need it. The lazy part of me says that's almost Saturday....that Stan can do it tomorrow....what's one more day. Then I turn on the news and find out that all the sun and warmth is over after today. Yep, tomorrow it's going to be rainy and temperatures in the forties, and lasting through Sunday. Just terrific.

After groaning and moaning about my lot in life, I get ready to mow. Then Melissa calls. So I talked to her for awhile. I moan and groan to her that I really don't want to mow. She says what I've thought....that Stan can do it tomorrow. Oh, how I wish he could. After we hang up, I actually get my lazy butt up and go outside. Matt starts the mower for me, just to make sure it still runs after months of no use. And the stupid thing actually starts. Bummer!!

That's that. No more excuses. No more delays. I mow the yard (only the front since the back is not bad yet--that's my story and I'm sticking to it). All I can say now is that it had better rain tomorrow. And it had better be cold. Or I may have to go hunt down a TV weatherman!!!!

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