Friday, May 22, 2009

Hard To Swallow

My daughter has another cold (it's the third one in the last couple of months). She is still stuffy and now the cough has set in. Her getting sick is bad timing. She has finals at school and has been studying very hard. Plus she can't hold Chase, and Audrey is coming home for a visit this weekend. So I've been pumping the medicine down her throat, trying to get her better. We usually have the liquid kind for her to drink. But last year she finally learned how to swallow pills so she's been taking those instead. Until this week, that is. Now, for some reason, she can't swallow the pills. She blames this on her father.

I don't like taking liquid medicine. It tastes gross and makes me gag. Give me the pills any time. Once the kids starting taking medicine in pill form, I was hoping to never have to buy the icky tasting medicine again. But...there's still Stan to consider. Poor, poor Stan, who can't swallow pills very well at all. Even the little ibuprofen pill, he has trouble swallowing. He puts the pill in his mouth, drinks some water, and then keeps throwing his head back, trying to get the pill to go down. It's quite entertaining to watch. And fun to tease him about it. Which we do...alot!! He has always had trouble taking medicine. When he decided to take vitamins (because of his advanced age), he went out and bought some pills. He opened the bottle and out came these huge pills. Of course, he gave it a try. In went the pill, and then alot of throwing back of the head! A person could get whiplash just from watching him!! Sometimes the pill went down...but even then, he had a hard time doing it. So, we had to go and get him vitamins in liquid form! Yep, he has to drink his vitamins!

There's no hope for Stan to overcome his non-swallowing pills's lasted over 48 years now. But I have high hopes that Megan will once again be a pill-swallower, like a normal person.

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