Thursday, May 28, 2009


This week, for the very first time, I was able to hold both of my grandchildren in my arms!!

It was amazing!

It was wonderful!

It was so very sweet!

As I look at these babies, my heart is overwhelmed with feelings of love and tenderness. Words cannot express how much it meant to me to hold them together. To see the older one trying to get closer to the younger one....trying to kiss him over and over. Although, with the way she kisses with her mouth wide open, it looked more like trying to take a bite out of him!

It was fun to see the differences. Audrey is 21 pounds. Chase is just under 7 pounds. Audrey is very mobile....crawling, standing, getting teeth. Chase is still sleeping alot and just lays where we put him, and makes the little soft sounds. Audrey's hair is growing back, while Chase is losing what he was born with.

Both are just adorable (not like I'm biased or anything).

Both have the most cutest faces!!! (still not biased here)

Both are so very loved!!

I can't wait to see these two babies of mine (yes, mine!!) grow and develop, along with the third little one coming in a few months! To watch them play, walk, talk and laugh!!

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