Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why We Have Our Babies Young

I just spent 4 weeks with my daughter and her family as they prepared for the arrival of their baby girl. Stan, Megan and I drove to MS for Christmas, then traveled to TX to visit with Melissa, Mark and Audrey. Stan and Megan had to leave to go back home before the baby was born, and I stayed on to help out in any way I could. And thus began my wonderful, tiring, awesome, worn out, amazing journey with my granddaughter!

She is one busy little girl.

Driving around in her car.

Playing dress up with blankets.....

....and hats.

Then there's the tunnel to crawl through. And yes, Nana even crawled through it too!! No picture (thank goodness!!)

The amazing ball pit!

Laughing at daddy as he jumps to reach the balloon!!


Wearing...I mean eating...her food!

The never-ending stinky poopy faces!!!

We did make time to admire Kayla, the newest member of our family.

Overall, I am one pooped nana....and I loved every single minute of it! Audrey and I had a lot of together time while mommy and daddy were off having a baby. I re-learned how to carry a wriggly child along with a purse, groceries and a sippy cup and walk up a flight of stairs. Some how you forget how busy kids are, how they are non-stop action from morning to night. How they get into EVERYTHING!! I miss those days. I really do. And I truly learned why we have our kids young....we needed the energy!!
Many thanks to the men in my life. To Stan for not complaining about me being gone so long. To Matt for staying at the house to be with Megan when Stan had to travel....and also while we were all gone over Christmas, for staying at the house to watch the dog. You both are wonderful!! Thank you.
And thanks to Melissa and Mark for putting up with me. For giving us such beautiful, wonderful grandbabies!! I'm so proud of both of you!

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