Tuesday, June 23, 2009

He's Still Here

After yesterdays post, some of you may have been concerned for the well-being of my husband. Even though he has brought this on himself, I don't want his mom to be worried over the health of her only son. Or for my children to wonder if this is the day that they get their inheritance.

So, people, here's proof that I haven't done anything to him.

He's safe. He just has to stop pissing me off!!!


  1. And all I'm trying to do is help!!!! You should feel loved, not tormented by this! By the way, I cancelled my life insurance yesterday...the last thing I need is you thinking I'm worth more dead than alive!

  2. Well, there goes the kids inheritance. Sorry kiddos!!

  3. HAHA! this is very amusingto me! haha! lol

  4. Stan looks a little scared, and stiff! Maybe he is starting to learn his lesson? Or, maybe he is just coming up with more ammo?