Monday, June 22, 2009

Brave or Stupid??

For weeks now, my husband has been writing on his blog about me and my physical issues. He just sits his butt down and writes his little heart out about how I'm melting the entire universe with my body heat. After his first blog about me, he received response after response. So what did that make him do? Another week of writings about a condition that I have no control over, teasing me, making him look like some wounded snowman, in danger of melting away forever. Every now and then, he'll go back to boring work related blogs or whatever he's contemplating at the moment. But when he doesn't get any responses, what does he do?? Yep....lets write about the little wife! It's like "sweeps week". He does it for the ratings. He has so crossed the line from exaggeration into flat-out lying!!!

Everyone who is reading his blog....our families, friends, his co-workers.....are always asking this question: "We can't tell. Are you really brave or really stupid?"



If I am as bad as he says, then why would he try to make me madder? Why keep on and on, telling the world how I'm the cause of global warming and that I'm melting the ice caps?

I'll tell you....PURE STUPIDITY!!!

And since his intellect is in question here, then maybe he won't notice anything "extra" in his food or drink.

Or an innocent:
"Hey, honey, could you sit in that tub full of water and see if you can catch this plugged-in toaster?"

Don't worry, people. I'm not going to be showing up on the 10:00 news as the maniac wife who went off on her husband. Just trying to get him to move his attention elsewhere.....

Or else!!!!

Disclaimer: I'm talking about extra pepper!! And on the tub thing.....I'm telling him exactly what I'll be doing! No surprises there!!


  1. Well at least I have an answer to the question "Brave or Stupid?" I know Mike would be dead by now if he had said some of the things that the snowman did.....