Friday, November 27, 2009

You're Sleeping On The Couch, Bucko!!

Even after all our years together (it will be 27 years on Dec. 11), we have never been the kind to get soooo mad at each other where we say "here's the pillow and there's the couch". I mean, first of all, if I was THAT mad at Stan why would I even give him a pillow!! Now, I'm not saying that we have never gone to bed mad at each other....I'm sure we have....a few times....mostly because he's wrong about something....but at least we have slept in the same bed.

Over the last couple of nights, he has been sleeping on the couch. And I am all snuggly in our big king-size bed. And it's not even because he was wrong about something or that I am mad at him. He's sick. He started getting sick on Wednesday, which was our Thanksgiving Day (celebrated a day early since Matt was off). By the time we had eaten our dinner with Matt, Amber and Chase, he was coughing and sneezing up a storm!! It truly sucked. Stan doesn't get sick often, so you know he feels bad when he's taking medicine without whining about it. As soon as he lays down, the hacking starts. I thinks he hacked up both lungs by now and is working on his other organs! After about 5 minutes of staying in bed, he gets up and goes to the couch. He says he doesn't want to keep me awake (which is really sweet of him, but not necessary).

So he's had a couple of rough nights while I've had that big bed all to myself. And I keep thinking to myself that I should pick a fight with him so that I can all seriousness..."That's it!!! You're sleeping on the couch, Bucko!" I really hope he starts to feel better soon...I really do. But it sure would be kinda cool to use that line once in awhile!!

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